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We no longer keep items in stock here at the factory. Some of the raw electronic components we require are unavailable at a wholesale level. We keep looking with no success and have no eta.  All NCE products are made in the USA at our location in Webster NY. NCE cannot predict shipping times or product stock levels. All orders for individuals, dealers, and distributors are done on a first come first serve basis and processed in that order. Requests for NCE products at a wholesale level are up 200% and NCE has been running at 100% full capacity for over two years now. Please be patient. Semiconductor factory chip orders are usually placed 12 to 24 months in advance. The entire electronics industry including DCC manufacturing is dealing with a global chip shortage and other capacity issues. We do not have a retail reservation or preorder system. Due to New York state tax regulations, it is also cost prohibitive for us to keep inventory on the shelf and available for end user retail purchase. Everything is made to order in house at our facility here in Webster, NY. Most of our product distributors place orders 12 months in advance for a certain level of product. The raw components we purchase, and use are also on a 12 to 24 month preorder cycle. These components have been very hard to come by in the past two years. The entire global electronics industry is suffering from shortages along with massive increases in demand. I would encourage you to find a dealer willing to take a reservation / preorder for what you need.

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