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NCE has been developing and manufacturing DCC Products since 1993. We have grown into a full time electronic design and manufacturing firm devoted entirely to the development and sale of products for the control of model railroads. We build an amazing array of products for our customers. We also supply other DCC manufacturers and locomotive manufacturers. We keep labor costs low by utilizing modern automated robotic assembly for most products. Recently, we have more than doubled our manufacturing space.


Our founder and product designer is Jim Scorse. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, he has numerous patents in the area of imagery, video and computer network data communications over noisy channels. Jim states,”We've come a long way since I started the company in my garage.” But Jim is still an ACTIVE model railroader modeling in O Scale, 2 rail.


As in most small businesses, we all do lots of different jobs, lending a hand wherever it is needed.
We all give 100% of our time, energy, and talent to provide the best in model railroad electronics.


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